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Aluminum and other metals frequently require a coating for decoration, protection, bonding or for functional applications.

Akron Coating and Adhesives, Inc. produces pre-formulated water-based coatings, as well as polyimide NMP-solvent based coatings, that withstand the damages and environmental challenges metals often encounter in the real world, including demanding automotive, industrial, and sports applications.

Our products include coatings that are chemical and heat resistant, desiccant coatings, and non-conductive coatings.

Our laboratory staff is also skilled in developing custom water-based aluminum coatings to your particular specification. These coatings quite frequently can be used on other metals (including brass and stainless steel) if the appropriate test protocols are followed to establish suitability for the application.

Our technical staff is forward thinking and can assist you in the development or selection of the best coating or adhesive. Contact our Technical Services Manager <> who can assist you in the selection of the best coating for your specific application.


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Heat resistant coating for metals. A water based heat resistant matte black coating primarily for aluminum, typically used on 1 or 2 mil soft aluminum where intense infrared radiation from klieg lights or space heaters is encountered. Heat resistant to over 500ºF without smoking, blistering or losing adhesion and flexibility.


Environmentally resistant coating for metals. A water based chemically resistant matte black coating successfully used on metal foils for resistance to exterior exposures encountered in automotive applications; provides resistance to various fluids and solvents.


Chemically resistant coating for metals. A water based chemically resistant semi-gloss black coating typically applied to metal foils. Designed especially for resistance to exterior exposures encountered typically in automotive applications.


Desiccant coating for metals. An economical water based hygroscopic desiccant coating for metals, which may be applied to aluminum foil. The coating may also adsorb other small molecules similar to water, e.g. aldehydes, alcohols, ketones or amines and transfer them away from the working atmosphere.


Desiccant coating for metals. Our mid level formula desiccant coating, with improved water resistance as compared to our ACA-10-110 formulation.


Non-conductive coating for metals. A water based heat resistant, non-conductive coating used on metal foil for insulation of electrical components where considerable heat resistance is also required..


Flexible non-conductive coating for metals. A water based flexible non-conductive coating for spray application to electronic parts, and for gravure coating onto metals as insulation of parts in electronic assemblies.

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