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Material Safety Data Sheet

MSDS forms for a number of Akron Coating and Adhesives' products are available at the links below. To obtain an MSDS or SDS for products not listed, please use the email or telephone contact information on the Contact link above to request information from our Technical Services manager.


 Product Name




Environmentally resistant coating for metals. A water based chemically resistant matte black coating successfully used on metal foils for resistance to exterior exposures encountered in automotive applications; provides resistance to various fluids and solvents.


Chemically resistant coating for metals. A water based chemically resistant semi-gloss black coating typically applied to metal foils. Designed especially for resistance to exterior exposures encountered typically in automotive applications.


Desiccant coating for metals. An economical water based hygroscopic desiccant coating for metals, which may be applied to aluminum foil. The coating may also adsorb other small molecules similar to water, e.g. aldehydes, alcohols, ketones or amines and transfer them away from the working atmosphere.


Desiccant coating for metals. Our mid level formula desiccant coating, with improved water resistance as compared to our ACA-10-110 formulation.


Non-conductive coating for metals. A water based heat resistant, non-conductive coating used on metal foil for insulation of electrical components where considerable heat resistance is also required..


Flexible non-conductive coating for metals. A water based flexible non-conductive coating for spray application to electronic parts, and for gravure coating onto metals as insulation of parts in electronic assemblies.


Liquid salicylic acid compound. A blend of alcohol, hydrocarbon solvent, collodion and salicylic acid. Liquid compound for topical over-the-counter (OTC, over the counter) wart, corn and callus removal products, FDA Final Monograph 21 CFR part 358 Subpart B FR Citations 55FR33246 55FR37403 57FR44494


A permanent label pressure sensitive adhesive for difficult surfaces including fluoropolymer treated fabrics, and a temporary adhesive for skin contact. Has excellent moisture resistance.


Pressure sensitive adhesive formulated for skin contact. Typically used with plastic bandages. Not for direct wound contact.


Heat resistant, rapid drying adhesive, used in die cutting and stamping metal parts. Bonds asphalt sound deadening panels to steel for automotive applications, ensuring that die cut asphalt parts remain well bonded and in registry on steel stamped parts even through exposure to extremes of temperature during transportation and assembly. The pH of the adhesive has been adjusted so as to avoid flash rusting of the metal substrate. Heat age testing indicates that the asphalt does not migrate into the adhesive, a common cause of adhesive failure.


Latex-free, strong pressure sensitive adhesive formulated for skin contact. Heat and perspiration do not affect its high tack and its shear resistance. Well adapted to use on padding used in shoes as well as other skin padding and plasters.


Rubber resin based, pressure sensitive adhesive designed to maintain a strong bond in high-temperature and low-temperature applications. Resistant to heat,, cold, shear, aging and chemical exposure. Components conform to 21 CFR 175.105 Food and Drug Administration Indirect Food Additives: Adhesives and Components of Coatings.


One-part water-based heat activated adhesive for injection molding applications, bonds metal to TPE and PP. Unique latent cure mechanism cures the adhesive during heat activation and provides salt-water and solvent resistance.


One-part water-based heat activated adhesive, bonds Santopreneā„¢ and polypropylene to metals. Contains no crosslinkers when shipped; a crosslinker may be added to further enhance hot strength and solvent resistance. May block. Contact Technical Services <> regarding use of the crosslinker.


One-part water-based heat activated adhesive dispersion for softer grades of TPO/TPE and PP. Lowest melting point.


One-part water-based heat activated adhesive dispersion bonds midrange TPE and PP grades.


One-part water-based heat activated adhesive dispersion bonds hardest grades of TPE and polypropylene. Highest melting point.


Designed to bond to non-polar surfaces such as carbon black filled polypropylene, and to metallic surfaces, so it will adhere also to many polar plastic surfaces such as nylon or ABS plastics.


One-part water-based heat activated adhesive bonds PET to PET or other plastics or metals, and serves as a primer for other adhesives to bond PET with polypropylene, Santopreneā„¢ and other TPO/TPE compounds.


One-part water-based heat activated adhesive bonds polypropylene (PP) film to insulation foam.

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