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Link to Color Coding Tape/surgical identification products page. Color code your tools and instruments with our super-durable epoxy based marking tape.
Link to Gamma Ray Sterilization labels products page. Our water resistant labels turn from yellow to deep orange when exposed to gamma radiation.
Link to Salicylic Acid products page. Our salicylic acid products highlight our research, coating, printing, packaging and fulfillment capabilities.

Akron Coating and Adhesives, Inc. specializes in development and precise compounding of specialty industrial adhesives and coatings for challenging manufacturing applications. You may use the Search box (above) to search our product database with a single keyword, adherend or substrate; or use the Google™ Custom Search box below to search our site using multiple search terms. You may explore the menu listing at the left to view existing products related to an industry. Please download our Spec Book (Adobe PDF format) or contact our Technical Services manager for more information.

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